The Maine Association for Charter Schools is pleased to announce the appointment of Dorothy Havey of Lincolnville as the new community organizer.

A Maine native, Havey was raised in Sullivan and has had more than 20 years of nonprofit accounting and management experience in Maine. She served on the Maine School Administrative District 50 school board for eight years.

Maine needs both to reduce the number of students who drop out of high school, (one-quarter of entering freshmen do not get a degree), and to improve the preparation of high school graduates for work and college (fewer than half of those who start a degree program obtain a degree and businesses must retrain many graduates).

Maine Association for Charter Schools provides information to the public about the importance of expanding affordable education options for families in Maine to better meet the needs of our children. The public charter school model has been adopted by 40 other states as an efficient and effective way to develop public education options.

For more information about public charter schools, please visit Havey can be reached at or 763-2893.