Bright yellow buses were out and about Aug. 30, with bells ringing in the first day of school for many Midcoast public school students.

Balmy breezes and warm temperatures ruled the morning, as children stepped off buses and out of cars, backpacks loaded with new pencils, notebooks and lunches. Some strode boldly to the doors, others a little more hesitantly, where they were met with smiles from principals and teachers.

Some parents who had said goodbye to their kindergartners earlier in the morning at the bus stops were on hand at the school doors to make sure the first solo bus ride of their child’s life went smoothly, and to snap a few photos for the scrapbooks.

Older students, middle school students and high school freshmen, made their way to school, while the high school upperclassmen snoozed away at home in bed, relishing one last day of summer before returning to classes Aug. 31.