Fans of Anna Rich, Camden Hills Regional High School Class of 2010, and star performer of local theater and school productions are sure to miss her as she sets off to further her musical education at a Pennsylvania Conservatory.

There is a bright side to her leaving town.

Rich’s departure creates an opening in the teaching schedule of her instructor, Leitha Christie.

Christie, who has 30 years of experience teaching piano and voice to children as young as six and adults as old as 86, has been Anna’s mentor for the past five years. Rich said recently, “I wouldn’t be able to do what I am doing without Ms. Leitha’s instruction.”

When asked what she felt made the difference over other training available to her, she replied, “Her level of commitment to me is such that I felt I was her only student. She gave me 100 percent.”

Anyone with the desire to pursue piano or vocal studies, regardless of their level of experience, is encouraged to call Christie at 236-3771.