Gerry Boyle’s mystery series features Jack McMorrow and a host of dangerous characters spread across the Maine landscape from Belfast to China.

Boyle will give a reading from the newest in the McMorrow series, “Damaged Goods,” at the Camden Public Library at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 9. Boyle has been a popular speaker at each of the library’s “Death and Desserts” panel discussions.

Boyle remarked on his Web site, “In Belfast a reviewer noted the resemblance between fictional Galway, Maine, and the real Maine Midcoast city named for a city in Northern Ireland. And yes, “Damaged Goods” does take place in a place that is physically modeled on Belfast, Maine. But I’ve populated my fictional version with fictional characters, from Jack and Roxanne, to the prostitute who opens up shop on Main Street, to the backwoods Satanist who targets Roxanne, Jack, and their daughter Sophie. The reviewer liked the story but put in one of those smiley things at the notion of a Satanist living in our midst. Those writers and their imaginations! Is there really a Satanist in the woods around Belfast, Maine? I don’t know. I do know that a white supremacist group was handing out literature upriver in Bucksport just this week . . .”

Ex-New York Times reporter McMorrow is happy in Maine, until one day his social worker wife Roxanne returns home shaken by a confrontation with the father of neglected children she has removed. Into their lives comes the mysterious young woman, Mandi, and a world of trouble. As the dangers converge, it will take a heroic act to save Jack, Roxanne, and daughter Caitlin. But who will put their life on the line when the moment comes?

“Damaged Goods” is so compelling, it’s like literary crack – I simply couldn’t stop reading. Gerry Boyle’s twisting plot simply won’t let you go. If you want a book that will keep you up all night, this is it!” ~Tess Gerritsen