Ali Scheier delivered a load of earthquake relief supplies to La Gonave, Haiti, in mid-March, and has returned with photographs to illustrate the effort.

The SV Tranquility, a 56′ sloop, carried a family of four plusthree extra crew along with four tons of relief aid from Miami to an island called La Gonave, northwest of Port au Prince, Haiti. They delivered the supplies, including 2,000 pairs of shoes, directly into the hands of an organization called the AAE (Association Amis des Enfants or the Association of the Friends of the Children).

Scheier has prepared a slide show illustrating the trip, which she will present at the Camden Public Library on Tuesday, Sept. 7 at 6:30 pm.

“The pictures show all aspects of the mission and we also plan to return to La Gonave after hurricane season to continue to help the AAE meet its goals of educating children,” she said. “The slide show includes preparations for the trip, background information on the area we visited, and what we saw and did while there. At this point another trip is planned in November to deliver more supplies to the AAE to help them in their mission to educate children in academic as well as self-sufficiency skills.”