August 2010 is charity month at Mid-Coast Martial Arts in Rockport. As part of the POWerful Words Character Development program, students have been studying, developing and experiencing powerful life lessons focusing on charity in a fun and exciting way that benefits everybody. In addition to physical skills associated with martial arts, students have been discussing and practicing concepts that will help them to realize and appreciate the value and benefit of participating in charity.

Mid-Coast Martial Arts students used their talents to raise $850 for Five Town Communities That Care by hosting a Kick-A-Thon; students sought pledges in exchange for completing 100 kicks.

Students focused on the following topics both in and out of class: What is charity? How can I share my treasures with those in need? What are my talents? How can they help those in need? How can I share my time? How can my time be helpful to others? Can children really make a difference? How can giving impact the giver?

“We’re really excited about charity month here at our academy,” said Andrew Lesmerises, chief instructor of Mid-Coast Martial Arts. “This is another wonderful opportunity for our students to experience real life … and have the opportunity to really make a difference in the lives of some people in our community. I was particularly impressed by one young man who started classes this week — he went out and raised $165. Our students and their families are amazing people, and this month, as we teach and experience charity, everybody will win.”

Dalene Dutton, executive director of Five Town Communities That Care, accepted the donation from the students. “We know that when young people are given the opportunity to learn skills that they can use in service to their community, they are less likely to engage in problem behaviors and much more likely to grow to be healthy, happy citizens,” Dutton said. “Through the Kick-A-Thon, not only have they raised funds to ensure that Five Town CTC can continue helping youth in our community, they’ve done it in a way that really brings our mission to life.”

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