President Elect  Marj Kinney called the meeting to order and led in the Pledge of Allegiance. John Batty offered our invocation. Guests included Robin Lee’s daughter Chantelle, speaker Bill Wasson, Katie Orlando, Key Club member Misty, and Celia Knight.

Committee Reports
Meals on Wheels: Celia Knight and Russ Cloutier will deliver tomorrow. Someone is still needed for the 31st, and September is wide open.
There were 317 clubs represented at the District Conference in Mansfield MA, with 202 delegates. Ron Sanville is our new Governor, and Vester Brown our new Governor Elect. The E-Kiwanis club participated in two service projects: a cemetery clean up and a food pantry distribution. Our club received a PR award, a club bulletin award, an Interclub award, and the 2009-2010 club brochure award.

The Foster Family Picnic is this Saturday from 9am-noon. Volunteers should arrive at 8:30am. Hot dog wagon people are especially needed.
There is an Interclub to Waldo County tomorrow at noon at Tall Pines.
Grand Raffle: Right now, we’ve sold $10,000 in tickets, and we need $13,000 to break even! All tickets need to be turned in by Friday, please. Keith Wass met his challenge of last week, and sold $1250 in tickets this week. Jackie Harjula bested his challenge and sold $1550!
OHTM: The auction was last week. Barbara Hanson chaired one day, and wanted to thank her crew: Stan Hanson, Brandy Schofield, Michaelene Achorn, Tyler Gilday, Daniel Jackson, Dan Saucier, Tom Mellor,  Bob Doherty, and Judy Wasson.

Recognition of Members
Celia Knight and Katie Orlando were inducted as new members. Lt. Governor Keith Wass covered the Six Objects of Kiwanis.
Birthdays: Nancy Schultz, Peter Lynch, and Donna Tocarz.
Secret Greeter: No one. Marj Kinney will assign one for next week since we seem to have fallen out of the cycle.
50/50: Jane Thompson continues her hot streak, but didn’t draw the Joker.

Dan Saucier was happy to turn in 5 Grand Raffle tickets (tix), and happy for OHTM parking. Russ Cloutier was happy for 5 tix. Marcia Whitten was happy for our new members. Jane Dagley was happy for the zucchini from last week, happy to purchase school supplies, sad she can’t stay for the speaker, sad she broke her favorite golf club, and happy to turn in 20 tix. Nancy Schultz was happy to turn in 5 tix, and happy for our new members. Donna Tocarz was happy for 10 tix. Judy Wasson was happy for our speaker, happy for OHTM parking, and sad she forgot the new members’ packets. Heather Hynd was happy for visiting family. Gordon Page was happy to turn in 50 tix he and Janet sold, and happy Janet was healing well. Celia Knight was happy for Marj Kinney, happy for Meals on Wheels, happy to turn in 5 tix, happy her son was turning 20, and happy for Shannon Kinney. Jaap Vrolijk was happy his son bought 5 tix. Jane Thompson was happy school was starting, and happy for our new members. Barbara Hanson was happy for her OHTM team. Robin Lee was happy for her daughter. John Batty was happy for our new members, and happy for 20 tix. Sumner Kinney was happy for our new members, happy for Barbara Hanson and OHTM, and happy for 20 tix. Mary Beth Pride was happy for 10 tix, and happy for sailing. Keith Wass was happy for our new members, happy for the convention, happy that our District is showing membership growth. Gary Monroe was happy for our new members, and happy for a ticket. Marj Kinney was happy to lead the meeting, happy for convention, and happy for our new members.

Bill Wasson spoke about his varied career as a boat captain, a Navy sailor, and a blacksmith.

From your Spiritual Aims committee:
“The water in a vessel is sparkling; the water in the sea is dark. The small truth has words which are clear; the great truth has great silence.”
~Rabindranath Tagore