While most would agree that this year has been a great growing season, Maine livestock farmers who rely on pasture, hay and corn silage need rain to help finish the growing season, said Rick Kersbergen, University of Maine Cooperative Extension educator, crops specialist and professor of animal sciences.

“Some fields with sandy soils are experiencing some drought conditions, with corn leaves drying up and curling,” he said. “Some have even gone out and harvested some of their fields, trying to salvage some of the corn before it completely dries out.”

Pasture conditions are also a problem with grasses not rebounding as they usually do this time of year. Farms that graze their livestock may have to feed some of the hay they had harvested earlier in the summer to keep the animals on pasture healthy and well fed.

“This also is a time when many farms re-seed hayfields, but dry weather will limit the success of any new seedlings,” Kersbergen said. “While most farms in Maine will take this year over last, some rain will surely help.”