If the stars don’t look as bright as they did when we were children, it might not be that stars have lost their sparkle. It could be that we have lost our night.

On Friday, Aug. 27 at 7 p.m., aerospace engineer and astronomer Peter Lord will appear at the Oceanview Grange south of Tenants Harbor. Lord will use satellite images to illustrate the amazing effect of night lighting around the earth.

Public safety, energy conservation and wildlife are all related to what happens with the global flip of a switch. Lord collaborates with Acadia National Park on the Starlit Communities Project. He and his wife operate the Meadow View Observatory and guest cottage in Tremont. He holds several patents for communication satellite antenna designs.

This exploration of starshine is sponsored by the St. George Conservation Commission and the Friends of St. George. Refreshments will be served, compliments of the sponsors.