President Jackie Harjula called the meeting to order and led in the Pledge of Allegiance. Dan Saucier offered the invocation. Guests included Jaap Vrolijk’s son Peter, Celia Knight, Katie Orlando, and speaker Cheryl Feldspar.

Committee reports
A sign-up sheet for an Interclub to Waterville was passed. There is an Interclub planned to Belfast next Tuesday.
Meals on Wheels: Tomorrow Marj and Shannon Kinney will deliver, and Celia Knight and Russ Cloutier will do the following week. The 31st is wide open.
OHTM: The auction is this weekend. This is the biggest event of the OHTM year. Nine volunteers are needed from 7am-1pm, and two slots are still open.
There is a board meeting this Wednesday at 7:30am.
The Community Outreach committee meeting has been rescheduled to next Tuesday at 5:30pm at 70 Beech St. Remember, donations are accepted on the first Monday in September for Baby Oh Baby and the food pantry.
Grand Raffle: There are only two weeks left, and we’ve only raised about $7500! Yikes! We’re upside down! Please make a last ditch effort to sell those tickets. Unsold tickets should be brought to next Monday’s (8/23) meeting.
The Foster Family Picnic is planned for 8/28.
The convention in Mansfield MA is this weekend. Donation for back-to-school give away bags are being accepted.
The membership drive is ongoing.
The Aktion Club meets this week at 6pm at Stella Maris.

Recognition of members
Janet Page and Ev Spear III are celebrating Kiwanis Anniversaries this week.
Birthdays: Gary Monroe
No badge: Amy Shepard
Secret Greeter: Our guest speaker hastily filled in. Sumner Kinney, Brenda Batty, Mary Beth Pride, and Barbara Hanson confessed to not shaking her hand.
50/50: It’s thought perhaps Mary Beth Pride had the winning ticket, but she could not produce it. Gordon Page won the redraw.

Russ Cloutier was happy to turn in seven Grand Raffle (GR) tickets. Dan Saucier was happy to sell GR tix with Russ Cloutier, happy for kayaking, and happy for a gathering at Keith Wass’s house. Shannon Kinney was happy to turn in seven GR tix. Mary Beth Pride was happy to turn in GR tix, and happy for a sailing trip. Barbara Hanson was happy for a picnic, and sad for Judy Hallowell’s passing. Gordon Page was sad he couldn’t stay for the speaker, happy for Mary Beth Pride, happy to win the 50/50, and happy for a nice weekend. Janet Page was sad she couldn’t stay for the speaker. Amy Shepard was happy for the triathlon for the Maine Cancer Foundation. Jaap Vrolijk was happy for a trip to St. Vincent’s, happy to turn in a book of tickets, happy he has $150 more sold that he didn’t bring, and happy his son bought a book of tix. Gary Monroe was sad he couldn’t stay for the speaker, and happy he sold a book of tix. Carol Kelley was sad her mother-in-law passed away, and sad the money she had for sold tickets was locked in the company safe. Sumner Kinney was happy to turn in $550 in tix, and happy for a nine hour motorcycle trip. Keith Wass was happy for Jaap’s son, happy for a picnic, and happy for a boat trip to N. Haven. Judy Wasson was happy for the rain. Gary Monroe was happy for Marj Kinney and the long motorcycle ride she took. Jackie Harjula was happy for the ME Boats show, happy for finding some more flags to use at OHTM, happy for the Kinney’s wedding anniversary, and happy for a wedding on Saturday.

Speaker: Cheryl Feldspar is the Volunteer Coordinator for The Retired Senior and Volunteer Program (RSVP). This program is designed for people over the age of 55 who wish to volunteer. There are 500,000 in the program nationwide. Our local chapter has 200 members on the role, and 123 of them are active. Currently, there are 73 “stations” (or organizations) seeking volunteers from the program.

From your Spiritual Aims committee:
“Volunteer — not so you can build your resume, but so you can build yourself.”