The Pen Bay Healthcare Human Resources Department announced that Diane Benner, Medicare/Medicaid team lead for patient accounts, is the organization’s employee of the month for June 2010.

Benner, a Warren resident, has worked at Pen Bay Healthcare for four years and has served in her current role for one year. Benner has implemented new processes and, as a result of her innovations, has expedited and increased revenue for the organization. She said she enjoys “the challenge of working with Medicare.”

According to Barbie Mazurek, director of patient accounts for Pen Bay Healthcare, Benner is “ready to take on any task.”

“An invaluable team player, she gives her staff feedback to help them grow,” Mazurek said. “She sets goals and empowers the staff to improve processes. She is my right arm in the department.”

Benner was equally complimentary of her boss when asked about her work environment. “I have a great director,” Benner said. “She’s the best boss I have ever had and I look forward to working with her and the entire patient accounts staff in moving our department forward.”

Outside of her role at Pen Bay Healthcare, Benner is a self-titled flower geek who loves to garden. She also enjoys spending time with her family, which consists of her husband of nearly 30 years, three sons and daughters-in-law and two and a half grandchildren.