The Jackson Memorial Library will host “The Symbolic Life: Mystery and Meaning” on Thursday, Aug. 19 and Wednesday, Aug. 25 at 7:30 p.m. at the library at 38 Main St. in Tenants Harbor. These two free public lectures will be given by Jungian analyst Alden Josey, Ph.D.

A symbol, in the words of Joseph Campbell, “always points past itself to a mystery impossible to describe in ordinary language.” The symbol is like a doorway into a vast and deep world of mystery and meaning. We are invited to step through into a realm of insight, understanding and feeling that is more real than all the reality, truer than all the superficial truths in the rational sensory world of our everyday consciousness. In fact, symbolic forms and images are the language of the unconscious; not only are we introduced to our own personal unconscious world but also to the landscape of the collective unconscious which unites us with the legacy that each person bears from the whole history of humanity. In these two evenings, participants will look at a variety of symbolic images and learn how symbols can speak in personal, transformative ways through a fairy tale, dreams, religious texts and personal encounters of every kind. Come prepared to be introduced to your own unconscious!

Josey has a private practice in Wilmington, Del. He was for nearly 30 years a research scientist in the DuPont Company from which he retired in 1985 to take up studies in the C.G. Jung Institute for Analytical Psychology in Zurich, Switzerland. He graduated with the Diploma of the Institute in 1989. Josey is affiliated with the Philadelphia Association of Jungian Analysts where he has served as director of studies, director of admissions and as president of the association. He is a longtime summer resident of Port Clyde and a familiar face in the Jackson Memorial Library.

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