A meandering path. Four to six feet wide. Make it wheelchair-accessible. Don’t pave it. Use hard-packed stone dust for the trail. Add benches. Preserve the scenic quality. No lights.

Those were among the more popular ideas generated at the recent Talk the Walk session held by the Megunticook Riverwalk Coalition to collect public input on what a future riverwalk in Camden should look like and who it should serve. The coalition was formed to facilitate development of a path along the 25-foot-wide trail corridor between the Megunticook River and the town-owned Tannery site.

“We received some really good ideas on what people want and don’t want,” said Jeff Kuller, Camden’s parks and recreation director. “These ideas will help us design an appropriate trail for public use.”

The Talk the Walk session covered five general areas: who will use the trail and how will it be used; how should the path be surfaced; what amenities should be included along the trail; how wide should the path be; and what should be done to the buffer zone between the path and the river.

The coalition will hold another public session in September to present two or three alternatives for the pathway, based on these ideas. Anyone who was unable to attend the Talk the Walk session but wants to comment on these ideas or contribute a new idea should send an e-mail to Kuller at jkuller@camdenmaine.gov before the end of August.

The accompanying tables show the various ideas generated during the session, and how many votes each received when the group picked its favorites.