The annual service at the Old German Church, Route 32 South in Waldoboro, will be held Sunday, Aug. 1 at 3 p.m. The service will be led by the Rev. Beverly Blaisdell.

Blaisdell serves as pastor of the United Methodist Church in Waldoboro, an active and dedicated congregation that has observed Sunday worship in their current location for the past 152 years. The church has a strong commitment to outreach and mission in the community, and various projects abroad. “Faith is a balance of inner spiritual growth and outer service,” Blaisdell said. “Without compassion and action for neighbors in need, our inner well runs dry and the living waters of faith shrivel.” Several church members have been recognized for their volunteer service to the community.

Blaisdell earned her master of divinity from Bangor Theological Seminary and was ordained in the United Methodist Church in 1999. Serving in ordained ministry was a natural step for Blaisdell, who previously had taught high school and administered job training programs for former offenders. She juggled raising her daughter while self-employed in various seasonal pursuits.

Regardless of location or salaried position, a consistent thread in Blaisdell’s life is community service, including volunteering at a women’s shelter for domestic violence survivors and harvesting fruit on a kibbutz in Israel. She recently returned from a week in mission at a mobile health clinic in Nicaragua. As Blaisdell begins her fourth year of living and serving in Waldoboro, she looks forward to several years of working with congregation and community, offering experiences for the inner journey, and helping to have an impact on the local area and beyond. “We all matter, we all make a difference in the world, but we need one another in community,” she said.

“Presiding over last year’s annual worship at the historic German Church was a profound experience, a true celebration of God’s presence and a blessing for all who attended,” Blaisdell said. The scriptural text for the service was Revelation. This year’s service will have more German-English bilingual participation and will reflect on Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son.