Matthew Kiell, author of “Monhegan Windows,” will discuss his work with readers and sign copies of his book Friday, Aug. 6 from noon to 2 p.m. at Sherman’s Books & Stationery, 14 Main St./Route 1.

Kiell’s novel is set on Monhegan Island over the course of a summer season. It is a pair of interweaving tales, one being written and posted on the island by a character in the other story. The two stories share the same basic narrative framework. A Midwesterner in the midst of an emotional crisis escapes to Monhegan Island early one summer season; he knows little of the island – its noted artist colony, its wooded trails, its lobstering community – until he is immersed in the life of the island to the degree an outsider can be and becomes drawn in by one of Monhegan’s longtime artists.

Illustrating the story are reproduction  of 24 Monhegan art works by 15 renowned artists as well as 25 island photographs taken by the author. Longtime Monhegan fans have said reading the book is like an extra trip to the island; those unfamiliar with it often say they could step on the island now for the first time and navigate it like a perennial visitor.

Kiell is a professional writer, editor, photographer and independent publisher based in suburban Chicago. He has been visiting Monhegan for the past 15 years. “Monhegan Windows” is his second completed novel and the first to be published.

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