Local potter Richard Robertson invites the public to a open house Thursday through Saturday, Aug. 5 through 7 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Rockport Pottery Gallery, 140 Vinal St.

Currently on exhibit are his Loon Casseroles and a number of other related pots. Robertson, who has been making and selling his work on the Maine Coast for the last 32 years, has been making “bird” pots for several years — crows  and ravens, gulls, grouse and chickadees, to name a few — in the shape of casseroles, bowls, covered jars,  honey pots and cream and sugar sets. His interest in loons began in 2007 when a good friend who lives on a lake in northern Maine introduced him to Crazy, a wild loon that will come to be fed all kinds of freshwater fish.

It all started six years ago when Robertson’s friend Ed was down at the lake with his young grandchildren, helping them catch white perch. Several loons swam by near the end of the dock and Ed took one of the recently-caught perch and walked into the water, holding it up showing it to the loon. Then he thrust his hand under the water with the perch in it. The loon dove, swam under water, took the perch from Ed’s hand, swam out a safe distance, surfaced and promptly ate the fish.

Ed named the loon Crazy and she has been coming by the end of the dock now to get a fish or two every summer for six years. Two years ago, she brought her offspring with her; the young loon also will take fish from anyone’s hand. The father loon stays back out in the lake, less sure of getting so close to humans.

Robertson began his study of ceramics in college, studied at the San Francisco Art Institute and, in 1968, did a two-year apprenticeship at a pottery in Imbe, Japan where traditional Bizen ware has been made for centuries. His Loon Casseroles may be purchased at the Farnsworth Museum’s gift shop; Mainely Pottery in Belfast; Alone Moose Gallery in Bar Harbor; or directly from Rockport Pottery, which is open Tuesdays through Saturdays.

Vinal Street is up on the ridge behind The Green Thumb; call 236-8923 for directions if necessary.

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