Regional School Unit 13 is conducting an online survey that will play a role in selecting the new name for the combined Rockland District and Georges Valley high school that is scheduled to open in September 2011.

The survey also asks the public’s opinion on what the high school’s mascot should be and what the school colors should be.

The board created an RSU 13 Naming High School Committee. The committee accepted suggestions from the public and distilled those down to the options listed in the survey.

The survey can be found by going to RSU 13 Naming High School on Facebook. On that Facebook page, there is a link to the Surveymonkey survey. Votes will be taken on the survey through Sunday, Aug. 8 at 5 p.m.

The survey became available for people to vote starting July 26.

In regard to the name of the school, there are eight options on the survey. The potential names are Knox County High School, Oceanside High School, Midcoast Area High School, Rock Valley High School, Henry Knox High School, Coastal Community High School, Penobscot Bay High School, and Rock Coast High School.

A second question asks people whether they would like to add the word “Area,” “Community” or “Regional” to any of those eight options.

In terms of mascots, there are nine options. They are the Navigators, Titans, Mariners, Generals, Hurricanes, Patriots, Crushers/Lobsters, Warriors and Sharks.

The current team mascots are the Tigers for RDHS and the Buccaneers for GVHS.

In terms of school colors, people are allowed to vote for three of 10 choices. The choices are navy blue, light blue, aqua blue, white, black, gray/silver, purple, maroon, yellow and red.

RDHS’ colors are black and orange and GVHS’ colors are green and white.

RSU 13 board member Greg Hamlin said the Naming Committee expects to meet again Aug. 11 and use the survey results to come up with recommendations. The committee will make a report to the RSU 13 board in October.