President Jackie Harjula called the meeting to order and led in the Pledge of Allegiance. Bill Batty Jr. offered our invocation. Guests included speaker Peter Horch, Celia Knight (who has turned in her membership application), Bill Jenkins (current NE district treasurer and candidate for governor-elect) and his wife, and Shirley Anderson.

Committee Reports

A sign up sheet to sell Grand Raffle (GR) tickets at Lobster Fest. went around. If you work at the fest., you would pick up a wristband at the office by the lighthouse museum.

$840 was turned in for the Spear memorial scholarship from the Spear annual picnic.

A sign up sheet for the Tim Sample event this Friday went around.

The Skip-A-Meal sheet went around.

Meals on Wheels: Russ Cloutier is in a bind, and needs a replacement for tomorrow. A suitable one was not found at the meeting.

Birdhouse Bonanza: In addition to the online bids, about 50 people attended the live auction. Total raised was a smidge under $4000.

The Aktion Club met last Wednesday, and about 30 people attended. They worked for the Bicycle Coalition of ME this past weekend, and are planning a car wash this coming Saturday from 9am-11:30. Their next meeting will meet at the Rockland memorial flag pole downtown, and then head down to the Lobster Fest.

The RDHS Key Club also helped with the Lobster Ride and Roll this weekend. They’re also planning a car wash for next week.

OHTM: Aug. 21 needs a ton of people to work; Barbara Hanson is the chair.

Recognition of Members

Marj Kinney, Jackie Harjula, and John Batty were elected as delegates for the upcoming convention. Brenda Batty and Sumner Kinney will serve as alternates.

Birthdays: Sumner Kinney, Barbara Hanson, and Jim Heavey.

50/50: Jane Thompson cut the Joker! Unfortunately, there was only $12.50 in the pot.


John Batty was happy for the birdhouse auction, and happy for the Aktion club. Jane Dagley was happy for the OHTM crew, and for selling Tim Sample tickets. Someone (sorry, I can’t read my own writing) was happy for our guests, happy for the birdhouse auction, and happy for selling Tim Sample tickets. Gordon Page was happy for Janet Page (in absentia) selling tickets, happy for Bill Jenkins, happy for a Sea Dogs game, and happy for Maine Eastern Railroad and a governor’s candidate train charter. Betty Ann Tucker was happy for the weather and for selling tickets. Marj Kinney was happy for the birdhouse auction and for OHTM parking. Keith Wass was happy for Bill Jenkins and happy for the birdhouse auction. Sumner Kinney was happy for Bill Jenkins, happy for OHTM, happy for the birdhouse auction, happy for Peter Horch, and happy to make a donation in honor of his birthday to the Rockland Kiwanis Foundation. Barbara Higgins was happy for Shannon Kinney. Robin Lee was happy to help fix some young men’s car. Jackie Harjula was happy for a train ride with her grandson, happy for the birdhouse auction, happy for our guests, and happy to turn in four Tim Sample tickets and 20 GR tickets. Bill Batty Jr. was happy for Gordon Page.

Speaker: Peter Horch is the owner of Horch Roofing. His company has recently undertaken the goal of recycling all of their roofing materials. Every year, 200 million pounds of roofing materials are thrown away in Maine. Horch Roofing generates a million pounds on its own. Currently, Peter has taken the recycled material and is using it as a paving service. After some more study, he’ll determine other possible ways the material can be used/marketed.

From your Spiritual Aims committee:

“The greatest waste in all of our earth, which cannot be recycled or reclaimed, is our waste of the time that God has given us each day.”

~ Billy Graham


Bill Batty
Bulletin Editor

Come join us any Monday at noon at The Samoset. We’d love to see you. Come share in the fun and laughter.

Our website can be found at . Our club portal can be found at

Our club officers are: President Jackie Harjula; President-Elect Marj Kinney; Vice President Janet Page; Secretary Greg Hamlin; Treasurer Sumner Kinney; and Immediate Past President Tom Luttrell

Our club directors are Bill Batty Jr., Terry Rucevice, Gary Monroe, Jaap Vrolijk, Mary Bumiller, John Batty and Dan Saucier.