Poets Gary Lawless and Karin Spitfire invite the community to join them Wednesday, Aug. 4 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at Herring Gut Learning Center, 59 Factory Road, for an evening’s celebration of Port Clyde’s sardine history and culture.

Film footage, artifacts, anecdotes and pictures pertaining to Port Clyde Sardines will be shared, as well as poems penned to the silver swimmers and the people who harvested and packed them. The public is invited to share stories too. Anyone with a Port Clyde fish tale is invited to come share it. The event is free and open to the public. For more information, call 372-8677 or send e-mail to info@herringgut.org.

Lawless is a Maine native, poet, teacher and co-owner Gulf of Maine Books, an independent bookstore in Brunswick. Karin Spitfire was the 2007 Poet Laureate of Belfast and works as a freelance teacher of women’s studies; a certified practitioner of Body-Mind-Centering; and an assistant wilderness guide with Her Wild Song.

Together, Lawless and Spitfire have organized events up and down the coast this summer toasting the sardine and the human cultures that have sprung up around them. Invested in conversations about the cultural history, the disappearance of the herring and the hope for returning schools, the events are meant to educate the public and re-ignite a love for herring, a most important fish.

Herring Gut Learning Center is a nonprofit marine education center using aquaculture and marine science as a springboard to learning. Year-round offerings include middle and high school aquaculture and marine science courses, after-school and community outreach activities, teacher training workshops and marine science summer camps.

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