Ten teachers from RSU 13, SAD 40 and AOS 93 will participate in the Summer Questing Institute organized by QLF’s Muscongus Bay Project in Waldoboro. As participants in the second year of this program, these teachers will learn how to create a classroom quest with their students by making one of their own at Pemaquid Point from July 27 to July 30.

Questing clues are usually presented in poetic verse. The clues lead to specific quest stops and tell about what’s there. At the last stop there is a hidden quest box. As participants make their way from clue to clue, the things they see and the information they gather come together to tell a story about the quest location.

According to program coordinator Anne Stires, last year QLF worked with 16 classrooms that made all kinds of quests, including one about the alewives in Waldoboro, some about land trust preserves, and a few about the maritime history of area towns. “We hope to release these quests on our Web site by late summer so the public can start enjoying them soon,” Stires said.

“By questing Pemaquid Point, this year’s teachers will learn how to make a quest in other places in the Muscongus Bay watershed,” Stires said. “Some will be in the Rockland area too. It’s not just about how to make a quest, but how to turn this kind of project into a hands-on, real-world way to teach kids things they need to learn as part of language arts, science or social studies. So as they learn poetry forms for example, they apply it to writing clues that tell the story of their own harbor, which they uncovered as part of their lessons on information research.”

After their summer training, each one of the participating teachers will receive a full year of financial and logistical support from QLF so they can try their new skills. Funding the whole program comes from several sources. The program began with a federal grant from NOAA New England’s B-WET Program. This year, this federal money is being matched by the Horizon Foundation, the Eaton Foundation, and two donor-advised funds of the Maine Community Foundation.