Dr. Beachcomb, aka Deacon Ritterbush, will give a talk and present her book “The Beachcomber’s Odyssey” Saturday, July 24 at 2 p.m. at the downtown Camden Public Library, along with Down East author Carole Lambert.

Ritterbush is an anthropologist and political economist who spent three decades living and working in Hawaii and the South Pacific. Currently a senior research associate for the Society for Ocean Sciences, she is committed to nurturing “Earth-Care” and does this by “getting people back outside to play” via field trips, workshops, lectures, books and articles on the beachcombing experience. A highly-regarded speaker, she has lectured at aquariums, museums, sea glass festivals, conferences and coast days.

Ritterbush will be speaking on The Archaeology of Beachcombing, which she said offers a new way to wander, not just as a collector pocketing treasure but also as a biologist, historian, and anthropologist. Learning the context of a stretch of shoreline — its history, ecology, geology, and cultural influences — adds new dimensions to the beachcombing experience. Attendees will learn how to target fruitful search sites, identify artifacts and expand their treasure hunting to include not only sea glass but also ceramic shards, driftwood, fossils, historic artifacts and more.

Lambert will be speaking on how to locate the best sea glass beaches, optimum conditions, coastal laws and sea glass identification. Lambert’s previous books “A Passion for Sea Glass” and “Sea Glass Chronicles,” published by Down East Books, take readers into the worlds of major sea glass collectors and into the workshops of artisans who give new purpose to shoreline finds.

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