Local author Lesa Dyer Kitching has published her thriller “Tandy’s Necklace” via lulu.com, as well as posted a “quick horror flick” of the book on YouTube.

“Tandy’s Necklace” is about the Hardy family of Manhattan. John is a deputy chief of police in his department in New York City. His wife Tracy works in an upscale realty business. They have a 12-year-old son, from Tracy’s first marriage, named Jake, a boy with challenges who attends special education at his school.

John has just solved a several-year case of a nurse serial killer, whom he tracked down in coastal Maine. He and his family are asked to attend a police ceremony in Rock Water, Maine to receive an award and during their stay, the family is terrorized by ghostly hauntings. Readers will follow Jake Hardy as he unravels a deep dark haunting and a horrific crime in quiet Rock Water.

The book is available at stores.lulu.com/LADK,  and the YouTube video can be found under the name thebooks4.

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