U.S. Coast Guard Station Rockland reported the following activity.

June 16

At 5:10 p.m. Coast Guard Station Rockland responded to a mayday call on the radio. The radio watch stander made numerous attempts to establish communication with the caller, but was unsuccessful.

The signal strength and duration of the initial call gave Sector Northern New England enough information to develop a search area between Lincolnville and Islesboro. A response boat was launched from the station to execute a search. At 7:53 p.m. the response boat completed its search of the area with negative findings and returned to the station. Case closed.

June 18

At 7:55 p.m. Station Rockland received a request for assistance from the M/V Amber after it had suffered an engine casualty.

Initially the Amber was adrift in Vinalhaven Harbor, but it was able to make it to a nearby mooring buoy shortly after contacting the station. Once it was safely anchored, the crew began repairs to the engine.

The station officer of the day determined that the Amber wasn’t in any immediate distress, and had the radio watch stander start a 30-minute communications schedule with the Amber‘s captain to monitor its progress. At 10:43 p.m. the Amber was able to get the engine running and begin making its way toward Rockland Harbor. At 12:52 p.m. the Amber had safely returned to the harbor and moored. Case closed.

June 19

At 3:10 p.m. Station Rockland received a phone call from the operator of a 19-foot aluminum skiff that was disabled and stranded on Job Island. There were five people on board — three adults and two children.

A response boat was launched with a four-person crew to provide assistance. At 3:46 p.m. the response boat arrived, but the crew couldn’t find the skiff.

The station called the operator and asked him to launch a red shooting-star flare so the boat crew could determine the position. After the flare was launched, the boat crew found the skiff and passengers tucked up next to the island in shallow water. The coxswain, Petty Officer Joshua Nazworth, was able to maneuver the response boat close enough to the skiff to take it in tow despite the shallow water and hazardous bottom conditions.

The weather conditions outside of the island’s lee were 3-to-4-foot seas and 15 knots of wind, so a decision was made to transfer all the passengers to the response boat before it began towing the skiff back to Camden Harbor. Once the passengers were safely aboard the response boat, they began to tow the skiff across the bay.

At 5:40 p.m. the response boat safely moored the skiff at the pier and departed. Case closed.