The Maine Department of Transportation on June 16 held a second public meeting to discuss its proposed project to build raised medians near the intersection of Route 1 and Jefferson and Depot streets in Waldoboro.

The project planners had a two-part message: the project is going forward without a traffic light, but the possibility of a light will be studied and one could be installed in the future.

The project planners at the meeting, which was held at the town office, were R. Bruce Munger of HNTB Corp. and James Mansir, project manager for the DOT.

At a meeting held May 10, many of the attendees said they preferred a traffic light at the intersection rather than the DOT’s plan to widen Route 1 at the intersection and install raised and flush median islands. The $486,000 project is intended to increase safety near the intersection. The plan calls for widening Route 1 by 5 feet at the intersection. That work and pavement and gravel are the biggest cost factors for the project.

Mansir said he plans to advertise the project in a month to get bids from construction companies. It will take another six to eight weeks to award the bids. The project could be started after Labor Day. However, roads cannot be paved after Oct. 15 because of the weather. Mansir said the project could be started this fall and completed by Memorial Day 2011.

The town’s planning and development director asked if the intersection would be left torn up during the winter. Mansir said it would not.

On June 16, many of the people at the meeting again favored a traffic light, especially to make it easier to get through the intersection or onto Route 1 from Depot or Jefferson Street. Mansir and Munger said the intersection does not currently meet the criteria for a light. They said the DOT will count cars at the intersection in the fall when more locals will be using the intersection. Many residents use the Route 220 or Route 32 intersections to get onto Route 1 because there are traffic lights at those locations.

“We will do everything we can to see if a traffic signal can be considered for this intersection,” Mansir said.

The project has been slightly revised since May 10, and the pedestrian crossing has been improved. The DOT and the town worked with a landowner to get an easement to make it a more direct crossing. There will be beacons that pedestrians can activate on both sides of Route 1 to let drivers know that someone is crossing the road. The speed limit at the pedestrian crossing will be 35 mph.

There will also be guidelines on Route 1 to prevent people from going on the wrong side of the road when they turn onto Jefferson Street.

Some residents at the meeting said the raised medians will make it more difficult for drivers to turn into some businesses, such as Waldoboro Pawn. They did not like that the project takes away some businesses’ Route 1 access. Mansir said the project only calls for as many raised medians as planners thought were needed to make the area safer.

To contact the DOT about this project, write to James Mansir, project manager, Maine Department of Transportation, 16 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333; call 624-3612; or e-mail The identification number for the project is 17252.00.

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