I would like to thank my family and friends for supporting me all these years. I would never have been able to get this far without you guys, and I would like to thank the staff for challenging me and supporting me in all my endeavors.

During our freshman year, our class was always being told that we were an “odd group of people.” That we didn’t fit together like other grades. Some people didn’t think that we would even come together as a class at all. The general feeling was that we would never get along.

I think the class would disagree with this statement. I would say that we have always gotten along, with each other at least. We have bonded over practical jokes. Freshman year we scared Jen with a fake rat in her office and decorated a hand puppet to be our class mascot. We came up with a classroom edict for everyday situations. For example: If your teacher is more than five minutes late for class, it is perfectly acceptable to watch “Schoolhouse Rock” on the white board. We have also done some proactive things, too, like community service.

Stephanie, Evan, Ann-Marie, Jasmine and I started freshman year as a “stubborn” class of five. I cannot imagine that any one of us or any of the teachers had any idea of what we were going to become by our senior year. Personally, I definitely did not think we would become a huge class of eight. Not only have our numbers changed over the years, but our attitudes have too.

We do not look at school as an impossible obstacle to overcome; we now see it as a partnership, where both sides have to give in order to make the possible changes to succeed. One thing I believe has helped us over the years is our ability to come together as a united front. When we want something we go for it as a class. We support each other and understand that it may not be important to us at that moment but if it benefits the rest of the group it matters. For example, Fall Expedition has been generally outlined by teachers, but this year the seniors sat down with the teachers and discussed with them how we envisioned the trip going, and the trip was amazing!

What I love about our class is how different we all are.

Andrew is our tech squad. Whenever there is a computer problem and we do not want to talk to Lou about it, we go to Andrew.

Amanda is the artist. Although the teachers think that the students are creating all our own visuals, it is really just Amanda.

Ann-Marie is the strong one; she is extremely driven and has more courage than anyone I have ever met.

Dorthe is the level-headed one who is always there to bring me back down when I get wound up.

Evan is the person I would go to if my car was ever broken. He is very smart and super resourceful.

Jasmine has grown the most. In the eighth grade, she probably said four words and now she talks in meetings all the time. She is amazing to me.

Stephanie, through her wit and sarcasm, can overcome anything, and she will always have my back.

I love these guys and together I think we could take on the world. We all have our different strengths that fit perfectly together.