I am of this land called Minnesota
My mother from the Dakota territory to the west
my father of this land (where I was born).

The water of this land
present during the creation of my blood
follows the rivers of my veins
and pools in the lakes of my organs.
I have sipped the springs, paddled the rivers,
and floated with spirits on the lakes.

The soil of this land
necessary for the creation of my body
remains embedded in my skin
and supports the roots of my landscape.
I have foraged the asparagus, cultivated the fields
and felt the warmth of love on the cool rocks.

The heavens of this land
opened during the creation of my voice
bring the divine breath to my lungs
and spread the joy of my song.
I have talked with the stars, cried with the lightning,
and sung with the harmonies of the northern lights.

My hand has dropped the dark cool soil
created by the ashes of my ancestors
onto the bodies of those now dead
thus returning my love to this land.
I am of this land called Minnesota