Tree trimming on behalf of Central Maine Power will resume in Rockland after June 15, City Manager Rosemary Kulow said.

Trimming stopped March 1 after numerous residents complained to the City Council of excessive and destructive cutting by ABC Professional Tree Services, the company contracted by the power utility to do tree trimming in Maine. Residents also complained that CMP had failed to consult with them before cutting even though they had contacted the utility and made such requests.

There has been some trimming outside the urban compact part of Rockland since March 1, Kulow said, and there has also been some corrective pruning on behalf of CMP since February in the urban compact part of the city.

The city contracted in March with arborist Doug Johnson of Johnson’s Arboriculture – Treekeepers to serve as an adviser to the city. Kulow said Johnson reviews the cutting proposed by CMP before it is done.

CMP has maintained that the trimming is necessary to prevent power outages caused by falling limbs.

CMP had said in February that it wanted the work done in Rockland before summer when traffic would be much greater due to tourists being in the community.

City attorney Kevin Beal said the June 15 schedule was to allow for spring growth to occur before trimming resumed.