Atlantic Baking Co. in Rockland hosted Carol Pelletier’s morning pastry class from the Mid-Coast School of Technology on May 13.

Students in the pastry class got to see what to expect if and when they decide to put their schooling to use as bakers.

Pastry Chef Mike Florance demonstrated how some of his equipment works and answered questions from students about ingredients used to make pastries. For example, students asked about the amount of water that is in butter. The less water there is in the butter the better it is for baking pastry. The students learned that the bakery has basic things it offers every day and then adds different cakes or cookies.

Head Baker Lynn Dorr showed off the deck oven used to bake baguettes. When asked how many loaves of bread were baked during the night, Dorr answered “around 356 units, which include rolls and different shapes of breads, in the off season to over 1,000 units a night during peak season.”

Shaylynn LaVoie, a sophomore at Georges Valley High School, wants to open a bakery close to home and takes classes at the Mid-Coast School of Technology. “It’s what I want to do for a profession,” she said.

Junior Miranda Nason from Medomak Valley High School said she has always loved to bake.

Atlantic Baking Co. uses only unbleached, umbromated flours. The bakery also has organic doughs and seeds for its breads.

The morning culinary class at the Mid-Coast School of Technology went to Cafe Miranda in Rockland May 13 for a tour of that restaurant’s kitchen and a chat with staff.