Forty youngsters competed in the 2010 AQUAFINA®  Major League Baseball® Pitch, Hit and Run competition May 15 at the Waldoboro Recreation Complex. The event was hosted by the Waldoboro Recreation Department, the Medomak Valley Community Foundation and Waldoboro Little League.

The following participants won first-place honors in their age groups:

Boys ages 7-8

Overall champion: Colby Castner, Waldoboro, 275.

Pitch champion: Jonah Miller, Friendship, 150.

Hit champion: Castner, Waldoboro, 150.

Run champion: Connor Simmons, Friendship, 59.

Boys ages 9-10

Overall champion: Brett Collamore, Waldoboro, 663.

Pitch champion: Collamore, Waldoboro, 225.

Hit champion: Duncan Morrell, Waldoboro, 268.

Run champion: Collamore, Waldoboro, 228.

Boys ages 11-12

Overall champion: Patrick White, Waldoboro, 674.

Pitch champion: White, Waldoboro, 300.

Hit champion: Ollie Brown, Waldoboro, 324.

Run champion: David Herron, Waldoboro, 278.

Boys ages 13-14

Overall champion: Jared Spofford, Trevett, 675.

Pitch champion: Spofford, Trevett, 225.

Hit champion: Spofford, Trevett, 144.

Run champion: Spofford, Trevett, 306.

Girls ages 7-8

Overall champion: Taylor Post, Waldoboro, 288.

Pitch champion: None.

Hit champion: None.

Run champion: Post, Waldoboro, 188.

Girls ages 9-10

Overall champion: Maddy White, Waldoboro, 363.

Pitch champion: White, Waldoboro, 75.

Hit champion: None.

Run champion: White, Waldoboro, 238.

Girls 11-12

Overall champion: Stephanie Hill, Waldoboro, 533.

Pitch champion: Olivia Wheeler, Waldoboro, 225.

Hit champion: Hill, Waldoboro, 136.

Run champion: Hill, Waldoboro, 322.

There were no participants for girls ages 13-14.

Local winners are eligible to compete in the sectional competition Saturday, May 22 in Freeport. Sectional all-around champions become eligible to qualify for the team championship to be held in June at Fenway Park in Boston.

Pitch, Hit and Run is a baseball/softball skills competition that allows youngsters to showcase their talents in pitching, hitting and running with scores determined by individual performances in each event.

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