Leo Kalajian, Lizzy Ogle, Tyler Reil and Alex Winn took advantage of last week’s summery weather (and where, we ask, has it gone?) to staff a lemonade stand, with all proceeds going to the Camden-Rockport Animal Rescue League. Thank you, guys/gal. Donations like this are some of our favorite things.

For her birthday, Kasey Emery asked for donations for the shelter — and did her friends come through! Just take a look at the photo to see all the supplies she brought, including money and a Wal-Mart gift card. Thank you, Kasey, and thanks to your friends for such a generous gift. You are very special people.

And an only slightly smaller thank you to everyone who has answered our call for the cardboard tubes inside rolls of paper towels. Our dogs are having the time of their lives rooting around inside for the treats staff are hiding there. Once the shelter is open again, please stop by and see what fun our critters have with this very simple toy.

Our ringworm cultures continue to come back negative, and we expect our doors will be open again soon. In the meantime, we’re giving the Sexton Shelter a much-needed spruce-up, including painting the walls (the staff picked the colors, so don’t blame me if you don’t like them — but you will) and installing a gorgeous new reception desk designed and built by our good friends at EBS.

The supplies drive in the lobby of the Rockport Post Office was a great success — thank you to everyone who took the time and trouble to stop and drop. And thanks again to Rockport Acting Postmaster Cynthia Miller for her enthusiastic support of this effort.

Coming up, the Memorial Day Parade on Monday, May 31. We’d like everyone who has adopted a pet from CRARL to join us, and all our friends and volunteers too. Please call Executive Director Sarah Shepherd at 236-8702 for details. We look forward to seeing you there.

Please welcome our three new board members: Mark Kelley, Mark Masterson and Lisa Sojka. You all know Mark Kelley as the Rockport police chief; he’s on board to keep us all in line. Mark Masterson is one of the pillars of the West Bay Rotary. And Lisa Sojka is the hand and the heart behind the wonderful, welcoming food at Prism Glass. They are splendid additions to our board, and we look forward to their participation.

Here’s an update on the July 17 yard sale: Starting at 2 p.m. Friday, July 16, you can leave items at Quarry Hill. Board member Marty Martens is our yard sale supervisor, and over the years she — and all of you who have made such great donations — has been a steady support for shelter operations. Thanks, Marty — we don’t say that often enough.

We’re going to celebrate our reopening with an open house so everyone can see how great our digs look. We’ll also be running a very special cat adoption promotion. Look for news here.

Our wish list: paper towels, paper plates, Purina Kitten Chow, dry and canned dog food, AA batteries for a digital camera, large kitchen garbage bags, cat litter, laundry detergent, bleach, ODO-Ban cleaner, Windex and especially dry cat food, plastic bags, and towels and sheets!

We have only one dog, and it’s time he had a home of his own. Echo is a black Lab who we think is anywhere from 3 to 5 years old and a big, gentle boy whose favorite pastime is playing with tennis balls.. Unlike many of us, he can carry two at the same time, and he’s going for three.

We have some kittens coming in from fostering — you can see these sweeties on our Web site, crarl.org.

CRARL is on Facebook! Visit us there and become part of our entourage. (We’re not too sure how you do that, but we’re sure you will figure it out.)

Keep alert for the news that we are open again. We look forward to seeing you then! In the meantime, please visit us at crarl.org.