A Nissan 280Z belonging to Al and Di’s Auto of Washington caught fire May 13 on Route 17 near Mace’s Pond.

“It was our toy, a specialty car,” Al Brown said. At the time of the incident, the car was being driven by Brown’s son Christopher Brown of Washington.

According to Rockport Fire Chief Bruce Woodward, Christopher Brown was driving on Route 17 when he noticed smoke coming from the vehicle’s console and immediately pulled over to the side of the road.

“The fire was in the engine compartment,” Woodward said. He said the fire consumed the engine compartment and extended into the passenger cabin. The car was a total loss.

Woodward said two Rockport fire engines and one utility vehicle responded to the call. A total of 14 firefighters responded and Route 17 was blocked at Meadow Street. The vehicle was towed by All Directions Transport of Hope.

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