Farmers market season opens May 15

Free samples, discounts, a free plant to buyers and other special offers will be part of 2010 opening day of the Washington Grange Farmers Market on Saturday, May 15. The weekly markets will be presented every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. until mid-December and will feature locally grown produce, meats, dairy products, baked goods and many other items. Just four years ago, the brainchild of Dorothy Sainio, then Master of the Evening Star Grange, the farmers market came to life through the efforts of Sharon Sperl Turner and a small resolute group of vendors determined to make it work. This year there are 12 permanent member vendors and numerous guest sellers who operate under a set of bylaws and expectations designed for the market to assure continuing good management. The farmers market has become one of the community’s stable businesses and is continuing to grow. Every Saturday, the Evening Star Grange will provide free coffee and offer for sale sandwiches, hot dishes and desserts. The food is delicious and very affordable with the proceeds helping support the grange’s numerous community projects. The market is located at the Evening Star Grange on Old Union Road in Washington Village. For more information, contact Sharon at 845-2140.

Village Church to ordain pastor

On Sunday, May 16 at 2 p.m. the Village Church will hold a service of ordination for Pastor Tim Lewis. A reception and fellowship time will follow.

Hazardous waste collection reminder

On the third Saturday of June — June 19 — Tri-County Solid Waste will hold its annual HazMat Day when citizens can bring their hazardous waste for proper disposal. This includes paint, toxic liquids, and numerous other materials that are difficult and dangerous to dispose of safely. We’ll have more details next month, but make a note of the date so you don’t miss this once-a-year cleanup opportunity.

Book discussions at Gibbs Library

Among the many services of Gibbs Library is a book discussion group that meets once a month on the second Thursday from 7 to 8 p.m. The discussion group welcomes everyone who is interested. You can read the book and get into the conversation or just come and listen to find out what it’s about. Regulars in the group choose the books to talk about by selecting from suggestions of the participants. Thursday, May 13, “Mudbound” by Hillary Jordan will be the subject. The June 10 book will be “Olive Kitteridge” by Maine author Elizabeth Strout. This book won the 2009 Pulitzer Prize for fiction and was the subject of an NPR book review last summer. Everyone is welcome to attend the book discussions.

Gibbs fundraiser seeks donations and help

The annual Gibbs Library Giant Yard, Book and Plant Sale is coming up on May 22. Donations of good stuff that you don’t want anymore will be eagerly received in order to make this the biggest sale ever. The only items that cannot be accepted are clothes and electronics or appliances that don’t work. So check your closets, attic, garage, basements and wherever you jam those what-to-do-with things and donate them to the sale. Helpers are needed to pick up donations, price items for the sale or help in a variety of ways. This is Gibbs’ most lucrative fundraiser each year and also the most labor intensive. If you can help in any way or if you want your donated items to be picked up, call 845-2597, 845-2256 or 845-3045.

Selectmen announce appointees

At its April 28 meeting the Board of Selectmen voted to appoint the following citizens to these positions with terms running from May 1 this year to May 1 of the year indicated: Mitch Garnett, Planning Board 2015; Rich Bouchard, Planning Board alternate 2011; Frank Jones Jr., Planning Board alternate 2011; Lowell Freiman, Board of Appeals 2015; Mark Durbin, Board of Appeals alternate 2011; James Kearney, Board of Appeals alternate 2011; Glenice Skelton, Tri-County Solid Waste Management Organization 2013; Reginald Burns, Tri-County Solid Waste Management Organization 2013; Frank Campbell, Mining Ordinance Review Committee 2013; and Jud Butterman constable 2013. Many thanks to these citizens who help make things work for us.