The following deed transfers were recorded from May 3 to May 7 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Cameron Curtis and Deborah Leo to Deborah Leo.

Eben R. Shaw and Elizabeth G. Shaw to Jannetta Anne Shaw and Jebb Hooper Shaw.


Gary L. Sasso and Karen J. Sasso to Thomas F. Zahn.

Alison B. Foss to Jonathan E. Janaitis and Meaghan I. McCue.

M. Gary Cohen and Jolinda Rockett to Catherine A. Lenarcik.


John N. Goodridge Est. to Jonathan Goodridge, Ann Elizabeth Goodridge and Peter Goodridge.

Machias Savings Bank to Richard V. Palm Tr. and Julia Duerr Palm Tr.


Rebecca S. Blackman and Rebecca S. Fallon to Nicole J. Fowlie.

Alton L. Pease to Alton Lawrence Pease and Janet W. Pease.

Ronald L. Smith to Everett W. Smith and Amy E. Smith.


Alvah M. Ames and Dorothea I. Ames to Michael J. Ames.

Owls Head

Michael W. Young and Stephanie F. Young to John T. Wright.


Leslie O. Harvey and Lynda G. Harvey to Nancy Schultz.

AquaMaine Inc. to Brown Rockland Rockport Family LLC.

Investors One Corp, Vickie L. Gerry and Scott S. Gerry to Investors One Corp.


Tammy L. Kolmosky Tr. and Tammy L. Kolmosky Trust to Kolmosky 2 LLC.

Karen Miller and Roz Golchehreh to Joshua P. Carle.

Stanton Keith Collins to Stanton Keith Collins and Mary Baldwin Collins.

Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association to Sandra Cormier.

Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association to Donna Traficante and Rod Traficante.

Cathleen Harris and James Harris to Alexander C. Arau and Lana P. Arau.

Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association to Roger Cashwell and Starr Cashwell.

Alfred Ockenfels to Adam C. Miceli and Cara Knight.

St. George

Elizabeth K. Balano Est. to Joel J. Balano Stott, Jon Jeffrey Balano, Jay M. Balano and James K. Balano.

Elizabeth K. Balano Est. to Balano LLC.

Joel J. Balano Stott, Jon Jeffrey Balano and Jay M. Balano to Balano LLC.

Alvin B. Rackliff and Norma J. Rackliff to Bradley D. Rackliff and Norma J. Rackliff.

South Thomaston

Lucille E. Risch Est. to Robert Charles Risch Sr.


Charles F. Conway and Jean M. Conway to Justin J. Spicer and Holly J. Vanorse.

Sandra Gammon, Richard Mank and Linda Haley to Dennis Camber.


Rockland Savings Bank FSB and Benjamin T. Watts to Rockland Savings and Loan Association.

Sherri Fabre to Andrew White.

Jean L. Haight to Joyce E. Colt.


Donald Wheeler Cole Jr. to Susan Cole Niederhoffer.


Susan Mendleson to Susan L. Mendleson and Todd M. Bennett.

Richard Charles Linscott Tr. and Marguerite M. Linscott Family Trust to Richard Charles Linscott.