The Camden Harbor Committee will hold an information meeting on Thursday, May 13 at 5:30 p.m. to discuss a Small Harbor Improvement Program grant application that members hope to submit this spring.

Planned improvements to Steamboat Landing, which lies on the east side of Camden Harbor and provides public access and parking to the ocean, include creating additional parking, improving vehicular access, and placing additional floats and piles.

The committee, with the help of Gartley and Dorsky Engineering and Surveying, is estimating the total project cost to reach between $77,000 and $96,000. Project costs include spending $49,000 to $59,950 for parking and access improvements, and $28,800 to $36,960 for additional floats and piles.

The committee has been working on plans to improve Steamboat Landing, and will hold its informational meeting in the Washington Street Conference Room. The committee hopes to present its proposal to the Camden Select Board on Tuesday, May 18, get that board’s approval, and then submit the application by June 1.

In other committee news, members hope to install a fishermen’s hoist at the public landing at a cost of $21,000 to $24,200. The hoist would be similar to the one installed last year in Rockport.