Alan Button of Waldoboro has published the first in what is projected to be a several-book series of Emily Jacobs Mysteries. “Mystery of the Dancing FireWalker” is available from and

Kidnapped and drugged, two children awaken to a world full of mystery and mysticism. What they are forced to face is a destiny neither could ever imagine. As two mothers search to find their children lost somewhere out in the backwoods of Maine, they will come to face both extraordinary wonders and unexpected dangers. What secret does the Circle of Stone hold within? What is the road the Shaman must honor? And what will the climax bring as all the participants assume their roles? Perhaps the stories of the Old Ones hold the answers.

Button graduated from Unity College with a bachelor’s degree in environmental science. For more than 35 years, he has continued his studies in world philosophies, religions and mythologies. With a deep connection to early Native American cultures and beliefs, including six years directly involved with healing circles and Inipi ceremonies, the author often spends countless hours walking the backwoods and listening to country lore. He currently concentrates his studies, as a volunteer archaeologist, towards the numerous shell middens along Maine’s central coastline that are endangered by seasonal storm erosion and rising seas.

He said he has surrounded the characters of his novel with many of his own experiences, especially within the diverse field of Native American ceremony and beliefs.

“My wish is to offer an examination into a place that exists just beyond our physical world; where the mystics and healers of the past have long journeyed — and where even today, through ceremony, these incredible places may still be found by those most willing,” he said.

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