The Rockland City Council will consider a variety of items on its Monday, May 10 agenda including fee hikes, sale of city owned properties, grant applications, and programs to improve housing and energy efficiency in the community.

The meeting begins at 7 p.m. at city hall.

Two public hearings will be held early in the meeting for the city’s application for a $350,000 Community Development Block Grant Program Public Facilities Grant for further renovations to the recreation center. A second public hearing will be held for a $10,000 planning grant to update the city’s downtown revitalization plan.

Councilors are also scheduled to hold a preliminary vote on issuing a municipal quit claim deed for the sale of city owned land at 69 Benner Hill to Jason Philbrook. Councilors discussed the matter last month and requested more information. City officials said Philbrook wants the land to erect a communications tower. The sale price is proposed at $6,001. The property consists of nine-tenths of an acre, assessed by the city at $11,900.

A preliminary vote is also scheduled for the sale of city owned land at 20 Orange St. but no buyer is listed on the agenda. The property consists of two-thirds of an acre with a 2,274-square-foot house, all valued at $180,200.

City fees are also on the agenda. A preliminary vote will be taken to change the city’s ordinance so that a variety of fees can be adopted by the council by order, which requires one vote compared with the current ordinance process, which requires two votes and a public hearing.

Also on the agenda is an order to increase a variety of city licenses and permits. These include victualer licenses. The cost for a business with a liquor license that sells food would increase from $120 to $150; those that don’t sell liquor would see the fee go from $60 to $100, while take-out only places would see the cost go from $20 to $50. Other fees being increased are for amusement devices, lodging houses, and vendors and hawkers.

The council will also consider the creation of a self-funded enterprise account for making grants and loans for upgrades to multi-family residential properties. The program would use repayment of loans from prior programs to pay for the next set of loans. The money would go to apartment buildings that serve primarily low-income residents.

The City Council will also be asked to approve an application to seek a $1,053,000 community development grant for rehabilitation to single-family homes.

Another item before the council is whether to direct the city’s Community Development Department and the city’s Energy Efficiency Committee to study and issue recommendations on whether Rockland should establish a Property Assessed Clean Energy Program that would make loans to homeowners to make their properties more energy efficient.

Ordinances on sign regulations and cluster housing are also before the council. Approval of a labor agreement with the Teamsters union that represents police, public works, transfer station, clerical, and wastewater treatment employees is also set for a vote.

The public comment session will be at the beginning of the meeting.