A quiet moment at Wadsworth Point in Friendship turned into a police call May 8 when a couple found themselves unable to back their car off the landing ramp.

According to Maine State Police Trooper Pat Hood, driver Brandon Achorn, 24, and passenger Gwendolyn Wellman, 22, both of Friendship, were parked at the edge of the water in Achorn’s 2000 Oldsmobile Alero shortly before 11 p.m. when the tide started to rise.

“Their tires were right in the water,” Hood said. “They attempted to back up and lost traction.” Hood said that due to salt and other material in the water, the vehicle’s tires slipped as though they were on ice or snow. He said the water continued to rise and Achorn and Wellman decided to get out of the car and call for help.

Hood said the car’s frame caught on the ramp, which is made of narrow slabs of concrete, and when the doors were opened, seawater entered the passenger compartment and covered the floorboards.

“The water only went about halfway up the tires,” Hood said. “It never would have been submerged.”

“They got too close,” he said. “It was super slippery.”

The car was towed by Hillside Collision Center of Waldoboro.