A bomb threat phoned in to Cape Air’s national reservations number over the weekend was picked up by a reservations agent at Knox County Regional Airport.

According to Vice President of Marketing Michelle Haynes, agents from throughout the airline’s global network share the responsibility of answering calls to the 800 number.

“The FBI and police are all over it,” Haynes said of the ongoing investigation. “The call has been called a hoax by the FBI.”

Haynes said the fleet was grounded for a short time, but because the planes are small it didn’t take long to inspect them all. She said Cape Air’s shorter routes meant that most passengers arrived close to their anticipated schedules.

“The Rockland plane was on the ground in Boston before the threat came in,” she said.

Cape Air flies between Knox County Regional Airport and Boston’s Logan Airport, and also provides passenger service in the Caribbean, Florida, New York, Mid-Atlantic region, Midwest and Micronesia.