Applause, cheering and whistling filled the Camden Opera House May 7 as eight local gussied-up celebrities donned dancing shoes and hit the stage for the benefit of the Community School of Maine.

Camden Fire Chief Chris Farley, Camden National Bank Vice President Jane Dagley, YMCA Executive Director Troy Curtis, HAV2 owner Caroline Morong, Samoset Resort General Manager Connie Russell, Graffam Brothers Seafood owner Kim Graffam, Republican State Sen. Chris Rector and Democratic State Rep. Joan Welsh stepped out for the cause of raising money for Maine’s oldest alternative school.

The school’s class of 2010 also took to the stage, as the evening’s program included not just the local stars, but also dancers from across the Midcoast performing a range of dances, from the cha cha, tango, hip hop, and clogging to the merengue, swing, hustle and even Zumba, with the local exercise class spicing up the Camden Opera House.

Terry Bregy was the master of ceremonies, keeping the audience laughing, and Michelle Peaco was the master producer for a show that will go down in history.

The local stars spent four short weeks under the training of local dance instructors and partners Christian Clayton, Alyssa Jackson, Kathyrn Vaughn and Bruce Olson, honing their performances for the May 7 event. All were dressed to the nines, with Russell donning a special wig circa 1973 for his hustle.