More than 120 Midcoast citizens gathered at the Union Town Office May 1 for a two-hour informational session about the Tea Party and a general discussion about Constitution issues in the state of Maine.

The event was organized by Gordon Colby of Union, and South Thomaston resident Steve Waterman captured the accompanying photographs.

The afternoon included a discussion about the new health care bill, with Joel Allumbaugh, a member of the Maine Association of Health Underwriters and an insurance broker, describing how it will affect the country.

“The way the bill is laid out will eventually run all private insurance out of business, which will effectively drive the costs and deficits over the moon,” said Waterman. “Mary Adams spoke, very eloquently, about the rights and duties of Americans to fight for freedom. She enlightened most of the crowd on the rights and duties of sheriffs and also the fact, that many did not know, that Thomas Jefferson himself wrote Section 8 of the Maine Constitution.”

Stephen Bowen of Rockport and the Maine Heritage Policy Center spoke about educational issues in Maine.

Adams, who lives in Garland, established Freedom Fighters, a grassroots organization that has worked to repeal property taxes in Maine.