The former owner of Rockport Post & Beam said the company remains in business and that its problems were the result of outside investments made by the man he sold the firm to three years ago.

Thomas Dyer commented May 4 following the publication of a story about Superior Court agreeing to appoint a receiver to run the company to protect Dyer’s interest. Dyer holds a mortgage of about $900,000 on the business and property.

Justice Ralph Tucker signed an order April 29 in Knox County Superior Court that ordered the appointment of a receiver. The order was at the request of Dyer. Dyer has also asked the court to place a lien of $893,305 on the property. The judge has yet to rule on that motion.

In the lawsuit filed by Dyer, he states that he sold the West Rockport business to Andrew J. Broskie of Winslow at the end of 2007 and helped finalize the sale by loaning the new owner the money with the agreement that it would be repaid in monthly installments.

Dyer claims that the payments stopped in January. The toll-free and local phone numbers for the business had been disconnected and Dyer said that property was being removed from the business.

On May 4, Dyer said the telephones were being reconnected and the business was continuing to operate. He said the problem was not the business but actions by Broskie.

Kevin Morrison, who has worked for the company for seven to eight years, has been appointed the receiver. Dyer said the old crew is back in charge at the business.

“Everything was going well even in the bad economy,” Dyer said.

Rockport Post & Beam custom designs and builds homes, cottages and barns. Dyer said the company built five buildings last year.

He said the company has built a reputation over the 30 years since he founded it and he expects it to continue to be successful.