Community Park in Rockland was built in 1923 and was located about a mile down Broadway Street from the park called Broadway field. The field was constructed during the late 1890s when Rockland fielded a team in the local trolley league, which hosted teams from Rockland, Camden, Rockport, Thomaston, Warren and St. George.

The Broadway field had its limitations — a short right field was the main objection — and it had its famous moments. During the summer of 1911, the Rockland team was playing the Warren team in a league game. The Warren team had a young Penobscot Indian who was playing college ball at Holy Cross College on a baseball scholarship; his name was Lou Sockalexis. He was a very strong athlete who during the game hit a fly ball over the left field fence so hard it rolled on the ground to Limerock Street. It went an estimated 600 feet. Never before had spectators seen a fly ball hit so hard and it made the headlines of the sports section in The Courier-Gazette.

With its playing limitations it was decided by the locals that a new field had to be built. It took about 20 years to happen and a field off Broadway Street was constructed in 1923. With a regulation playing surface, a grandstand, and a refreshment stand, the local Rockland team named the Pirates started to play in the Knox Lincoln league in Community Park. The first night game was played under portable lights with an all star team from the Knox Lincoln league against the Augusta Millionaires, a semi pro baseball team fielded by many New England college baseball players on Aug. 6, 1948. During that same summer a couple of Donkey baseball games were also played at night with portable lights. Community Park lasted until around 1950 when a new school was built on the location of the field and a new field was built on Thomaston Street.

Terry Economy was born in Rockland and graduated from Rockland High School. He has had a long career in broadcasting and is a member of the Maine Broadcasters Hall of Fame.