An award-winning detective

Detective Nellie Woodruff, who works with the Cocoa Police Department in Florida, recently received a Distinguished Victims Services Award. Woodruff, the former Nellie Waterman, is a native of South Thomaston and worked previously for the Rockland Police Department from 2003 to 2007.


‘From the Top’ again

A flutist from Georgia? She was good, but we tuned in to NPR’s “From the Top” on April 26 to hear Waldoboro fiddlers Josie and Sophie Davis. A radio announcer said that due to technical difficulties, the show that was taped in Portland will air Monday, May 3 at 8 p.m.

Where racing dogs gather

In case greyhound owners did not get the memo (and the cat knows there are quite a few greyhounds in the Midcoast): the third annual Greyhound Reunion will be held in Augusta on June 19 and 20 at the MGPS Adoption Center on the Old Belgrade Road. For more information, call Elizabeth Tulip or Sue Sprague at 266-6784 or 963-7807.

Lost his hat

An out-of-town gentleman stopped by the Camden office of VillageSoup and The Herald Gazette last week, just to say hi, view the photos of former Knox Mill workers, and mention that if by chance one had possibly seen his tweed cap left at a Camden restaurant, he would be astonished to see it again. That’s because he lost the hat 40 years ago, the last time he visited Camden. A Vermont resident, he and his newlywed traveled through the Midcoast and he remembers hanging his hat on a hook at a restaurant and then promptly forgetting it. He recalls the details of his hat just fine; it’s the details of where he actually ate that are lost in the fog of history. He could not put his finger on the name or location of the establishment. What were the restaurants in downtown Camden in 1970?


Southward bound?

Keep a wary eye on I-295 if heading toward Portland this spring. The Maine Department of Transportation tells us that work is about to begin on a series of improvement projects totaling $8.4 million. Paving and bridgework will be done in the northbound lanes between the Portland-Falmouth line and Freeport. Guardrail maintenance and improvements will also be done in the median along that same stretch of I-295. The majority of work is planned to occur overnight, but some daytime lane closures will occur. No stimulus funding is being used for this work. To sign up to get on an e-mail alert list, go to


Go, Liz!

Liz Hand’s new book “Illyria” just received a second starred review, this one in Publishers Weekly. A Lincolnville resident, Hand’s books are world renowned. “Illyria,” according to Publishers Weekly, is “beautifully written, rich in theatrical detail and intensely realized characters.”


Yankee’s best

Yankee Magazine released its editor’s choice list of Maine establishments. Those in the Midcoast making the list this year include the Camden Harbour Inn for best Euro-style boutique hotel; the Farnsworth Art Museum, best bargain; Fawcett’s Antique Toy Museum, best old-time toy palace; In Good Company, best place to un-wine-d; Morse’s ‘Kraut Haus, best taste of Europe; Nana’s Kitchen, best don’t-judge-a-restaurant-by-its-exterior; Oakland Seashore, best retro lodging; Point Lookout, best (non) executive retreat; Safe Harbor Confections, best feel-good chocolate; and the Surfside, best fishcakes, Vinalhaven. Making the top events list: Camden Garden Club House and Garden Tour; Maine Lobster Festival; Maine Boats, Homes and Harbors Show; and Maine Antiques Festival.


Garden talk

How far ahead are we this year? Will the lilacs bloom two weeks early? Are your peas up? Will this season produce a good tomato crop? The questions tantalize gardeners as they try to figure out how soon is too soon to get going in the garden. The old advice to wait until Memorial Day to put the warm weather crops in the ground may not hold this spring. In other gardening news: students are getting ready to plant apple trees at Camden Hills Regional High School, while Aldermere Farm is gearing up for its first season of a teen agricultural program. Agriculture is reclaiming its roots with youth, thanks to the hard work of many thoughtful adults.