Nomination papers

The following people have turned in their nomination papers for town positions: Selectmen for three years, Tim Pearse, Lewis Merrifield and Eric Campbell. Budget Committee for three years, Bill Pearse Jr. and John Jensen; there is still one more person needed for this position. Budget Committee for two years, Brian Powers Jr.; there is still one person needed for one year. For school board, Judith Pearse, Dawn Smith-Cote and Stephanie Southworth; only two will be elected. Five Town Community School District board representative, Elizabeth Borch. Voting will be Tuesday, June 8 and town meeting will be Tuesday, June 15. (Note this year’s town meeting is on a Tuesday.)

Hope Planning Board

The next meeting of the Hope Planning Board will be Tuesday, May 4 at 7 p.m. at the Hope Town Hall. Call Chairman Bill Pearse at 763-4432 if you wish to be on the agenda. Remember anyone may attend this meeting.

School senior lunch

Don’t forget at the Hope Elementary School on Thursday, May 6 all seniors are invited to lunch, with the cost being small. You must call the school the day before and tell them you are coming.

Highfields Camp

Highfields Camp Alumni will hold a 2010 reunion Aug. 13 to 15. This is a chance to make a remarkable reconnection decades later. After decades of operations, countless campfires, war canoe races, and color contests, and the vivid memories of hundreds of campers, counselors, and unit leaders from all around the world, Highfields Camp for boys situated on Alford Lake finally closed its doors in August 1981.

Begun in 1947 by the late husband and wife team of Cleo “Colonel” and Pearl Goderre and continued by their late son Larry and daughter-in-law Randy, one of the oldest operating boys camps in America was later sold (and resold) with most of its attendee records lost. Most of the land that constituted Highfields has now been parceled among and sold to several current owners and the current Hope Elementary School sits just adjacent to the land where many of the buildings that housed campers and counselors now lie silent under the watchful eye of current owners David and Cynthia Bowman.

Today, scattered around the world, are Highfields alumni including local Hope and Rockland residents who worked summer jobs at the camp ranging from counselor to kitchen assistant to maintenance worker to senior executives at Fortune 100 companies. From Thailand, France, Dominican Republic, and Italy … and Canada, Sweden, and Barbados, from the East Coast of the United States to the west, thousands of boys and young men spent two months of every summer in the woods of Maine and the waters of Alford Lake, enjoying a host of activities and learning countless skills and Indian lore that were pre iPod, pre Blackberry, pre personal computer, and pre GPS.

Sadly when the camp closed, so then did many of the connections among the campers, counselors and unit leaders. And, as the alumni have aged, opportunities to reconnect have been few and far between.

“This is the primary reason we’re trying to plan for and organize the Highfields Camp Alumni Reunion this far in advance,” said Henri Sans, an attorney from Gardner, Mass. “One of our larger challenges, of course, has been alumni research as we have had to repopulate our alumni list predominantly from memory.” Sans noted that one former unit leader and longtime Highfielder, Bill Bordow of Kingston, Pa., had tucked away in his attic an intact list of attendees from 1981, which added nicely to the research. Organizers have remembered over 650 alumni, but despite searches, have only verified just over 103 e-mail addresses.

“And we’ve not had tremendous luck yet in locating many of our Canadian alumni to the north,” said Miami real estate consultant Gustavo Acosta Somoano. “But the work goes on. It’s worth it!”

The reunion is slated for Aug 13 to 15 on or near the site of the former camp, with a registration reception tentatively planned at an alumna’s home in the local area and dinner in Lincolnville. Additional activities are being considered, with a planning committee that meets regularly.

For more information, please contact: Neil H. Gray, Managing Partner, Healthcare Trends & Strategies, LLC, 3 Coventry Square, Bridgewater, NJ 08807-1338; or Randy Goderre, 1221 SE 9th Terrace, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441,

Class lunch

The class of 1958 held a very successful lunch last Thursday at the Helm Restaurant. Sixteen people attended. Their next lunch will be in two weeks on Thursday, May 13 at noon at the Helm Restaurant. Please mark your calendar and plan to attend. If you have questions contact 763-3343 or 763-3751. See you there.

Hope Historical Society

When it was decided that the Hope Historical Society should have a Web site Bob Appleby, as webmaster, imagined that the work would be worthwhile if the site averaged 50 visitors a month. The  population of Hope was about 1,200 at the time and it seemed that a goal of 50 might even be too high. Surprisingly visitors quickly reached double digits (per day, not per month) and after a couple of years it had increased to 50 per day. In January of this year it reached 86. This seems far too high for a town of 1,200, an interesting puzzle. One possible explanation was the current interest in using the Web to find genealogical information. This guess was strengthened by an early October 2009 article in the Bangor Daily News, a copy of which is on the Hope Historical Society Web site. It seems that the picture of all of the gravestones in Morey Hill cemetery along with short biographies of some are attracting visitors. Individual names and family names from Morey Hill can be found easily using a search engine like Google. This made it seem reasonable to put pictures of all of stones from Hope Grove cemetery on the site also. That job was completed (except for biographies) during last fall and winter plus a couple of weeks this spring. Be assured that there are far more things on the site than cemeteries. Come visit them at Thanks go to Bob for this interesting article.

Camden Senior Citizens

Thirty-eight members met at the meeting last Thursday. During the business meeting Gerry spoke about bringing items for the people in the service. Please bring the items to the May meeting. One woman had 100 knit hats. The following is a list of items to be brought to the next meeting: toiletries, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, etc., and white stockings, puddings, Kool-Aid, note pads, pens and pencils, hard candy, playing cards, and writing paper and envelopes.

Also remember that the picnic that is held in August will be held on a Wednesday, Aug. 19 at the state park. In June the meeting will be held at The Haven. Speakers for the programs first were Lt. Randy Gagne of the Camden Police Department who spoke on different items. He said people should be very careful about scams. There are a lot of them out there so watch out for them. During his speech he told about people calling you on the phone. One member of the seniors spoke up and said she had received a call about sex. She said the man went on and on about it. The caller then hung up. Lt. Gagne stressed about calling the police on anything that had happened to them.

The next speaker was Fire Chief Chris Farley of the Camden Fire Department. He announced that when he goes into a place he looks around to see how the building has fire protection. For example, the smoke detectors, how close people are sitting next to doors (at the meetings — Ruth that was you) and how close the tables are to exits (that was me). He answered many questions and was assisted by Ryan Fisher and Cheyne Hansen. Chief Chris also gave out a number of prizes to members. The speakers were the seniors’ guests for lunch, which was served by the Eastern Star Ladies.

The next meeting will be May 27.