Silver Star Banner Day is a way to recognize and honor soldiers that have returned home from a war zone wounded or ill. According to the Silver Star Families of America, the tradition started in 1917. When a wounded soldier returned home, the blue star on the Sons In Service Flag was covered with silver thread.

The U.S. Congress has proclaimed May 1 to be Silver Star Banner Day, and many states, counties, cities and towns are marking the day. In Waldoboro, Board of Selectmen Chairman Clinton Collamore Sr. read the town’s Silver Star Proclamation at an April 27 meeting.

“The town of Waldoboro has always honored the sacrifice of the men and women in the Armed Forces,” Collamore read from the proclamation.

“The Silver Star Families of America was formed to make sure we remember the blood sacrifice of our wounded and ill by designing and manufacturing a Silver Star Banner and Flag.

“To date, the Silver Star Families of America has freely given thousands of Silver Star Banners to the wounded and their families.

“The Silver Star Families of America’s sole mission is that every time someone sees a Silver Star Banner in a window or a Silver Star Flag flying, that people remember the sacrifices for this town, state and country.

“The Board of Selectmen of the town of Waldoboro wishes that the sacrifice of so many in our Armed Forces never be forgotten.

“I, Clinton Collamore Sr., by virtue of the authority vested in me as chairman of the Board of Selectmen of the town of Waldoboro, do hereby proclaim my appreciation of the Silver Star Families of America and honor their commitment to our wounded Armed Forces members. I declare May 1st Silver Star Banner Day an annual, permanent and official day to honor the wounded and ill soldiers of the town of Waldoboro.”

Silver Star Families of America said service members suffer visible injuries as well as invisible wounds such as brain injuries, Gulf War syndrome, post-traumatic stress disorder and others.

“SSFOA is dedicated to supporting and assisting wounded, ill, injured and dying active duty and veterans and their families of all branches of service from all wars,” the organization’s Web site states. “Our goal is to recognize the blood sacrifice of wounded and those with injuries and illnesses originating in a war zone and remember their efforts by honoring them with the Silver Star Service Banner.”

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