In conjunction with Plants Unlimited’s new Saturday Market on May 1 (assuming a sunny day), the public is invited to read the one-act play “Archetypes” by Maggie Trout. The six characters are Mary, Mother of God, Wise Woman Within, Great New Age Woman Writer, Woman of Color, Native American Woman, and Average White Woman Nearing 50, and both men and women adults are welcome to join in the reading. Casting will be luck-of-the-draw.
The reading, with introduction, will last approximately 30 minutes, and will begin at noon and continue through 4 p.m. in the Plants Unlimited amphitheater. This is a free reading. There will not be a problem if there are fewer than six people, and should there be more than six per reading, one can consider oneself part of the audience, or wait for the next reading while enjoying the market. One may take a chair or sit on the stepped wall. In the event of rain, the reading will be rescheduled.
An irreverent, thought-provoking comedy, “Archetypes” was produced in conjunction with the International Festival of Arts and Ideas in New Haven, Conn., in 1999, a winner in the New England Actors’ Theatre One-Act competition.