A center that provides speech and occupational therapy for children on Route 90 in Warren plans to expand its practice to more than double the present size with the construction of a new building.

The Children’s Collaboration Center plans to add a new 4,758-square-foot building behind its present building along with a long access driveway, according to plans on file at the town office.

The center is run by partners Marissa Kelley, an occupational therapist, and Kellie Bailey, a speech-language pathologist.

Kelley said April 27 that the practice has a growing case load with children on a waiting list for services. She said the center helps children who have delayed language skills or articulation errors on the speech therapy side and those who need help developing their motor skills on the occupational therapy side. The center also works with autistic children, and Kelley said that population is continuing to grow in the Midcoast.

The team is looking to add one or two employees to help in the work and to expand from the present two treatment rooms. The new facility will have a 1,500-square-foot gym with a climbing wall, ball pit and trampoline. Kelley said it will also have five new treatment rooms.

The pediatric therapy center currently has four employees including the two owners and occupational therapy assistant Jessie Gentz and office assistant Maddie Hughes.

“It is absolutely rewarding,” said Bailey of the work. “We work with kids and all of their developmental needs.”

“It’s fun to watch them grow and learn,” Kelley added.

They said their practice is unique in the area because of its collaborative approach.

They have been operating in Warren for the past three years. Prior to that, they had an office on Tillson Avenue in Rockland.

The project has been before the Warren Planning Board and is in the final phase of review, according to Code Enforcement Officer William O’Donnell. It may be finalized at the May 6 planning board meeting, which will start at 7 p.m. at the town office.

In other business, Kendra Cochran has filed an application with the Warren Planning Board for a feed store on Route 1 across from Sukee Kennels. O’Donnell said Cochran will only buy the land for the project if it receives town approval. The store will sell pet foods, supplies, and animal feed and offer grooming services.