The Penobscot Bay Regional Chamber of Commerce Awards Dinner always draws a large group of business and community leaders for a night of awards, speeches and entertainment.

At this year’s event held April 17, it was especially nice to see Peter Lammert of Thomaston recognized for all of his volunteerism. Lammert was named the Community Person of the Year.

“Since his arrival to Thomaston, this individual has been and continues to volunteer most if not all of his time,” said Doug Erickson, who presented the award. “He is a member of the board of selectmen, board of assessors, board of solid waste, Thomaston Fire Department, Thomaston Ambulance Department, cemetery board of trustees, Aqua Maine advisory committee, Thomaston Christmas Tree Lighting Committee, Thomaston Fourth of July Committee, fireworks technician, Thomaston tree warden, Dragon Community Advisory Panel and other groups in the area. Adding to this long list, Peter has been known to assist residents in surrounding communities with their questions and on occasions put on a seminar about the health and care of their trees.”

That’s quite a list of contributions for any one individual. Anyone who knows Pete, and most who live in Thomaston probably do, know that he not only takes part in town events and activities, but does so with tremendous energy. He also shows a great deal of patience in offering his knowledge to anyone who comes to him with a question.

Pete is passionate about the health and lives of trees and has become the region’s authority on the topic.

He noted in his speech that he learned his work ethic from the example of his father. He said he was taught that if something needed doing, do it.

Many other deserving local leaders were recognized at the event. Many step forward into the spotlight and lead, and others tend to blend into the background.

One other individual who deserves recognition is Penobscot Bay Medical Center nurse Kathy Florance, who has tirelessly worked to reduce the hospital’s impact on the environment. Florance has spearheaded that effort for one of Knox County’s largest employers, working with people in many different departments. The hospital was recognized as well during the dinner at the Samoset.