Along with honoring the high school cheerleaders, the Maine School Administrative District 40 School Board on April 15 took votes on the format for the June 1 budget meeting and on two field trips.

Voters in the SAD 40 towns will debate and vote on the district’s budget on June 1 at a town-meeting style election. The articles that are passed will then be the subject of a budget referendum vote — yes or no on the total budget — at the polls on June 8. On March 31, the SAD 40 board approved a $20.8 million budget for the next year.

The school board ultimately decided to hold an open warrant budget meeting, which is a change from the past several years. At an open meeting, residents can vote to add money to the budget, as well as take it away. With a closed warrant, residents can only vote to remove money from the budget.

Board member Danny Jackson said he supported a closed warrant process. He said the school board worked hard on the budget, with the public’s input, and came up with a budget that can work for this year.

Board member Theodore Brown supported an open warrant. He said that even though school board members are elected, the budget meeting gives the public one last chance for democracy in action.

“I think they deserve that,” he said.

Theodore Brown also said an open warrant can have a practical effect. He said one year, the bid for fuel went up, and the district could not add money to the budget. The extra money for the fuel had to be taken from another part of the budget, he said.

“I’d like to see the flexibility that would allow for unforeseen circumstances,” he said.

The first vote — a motion to have a closed warrant — failed. The school board then passed a motion to have an open warrant budget meeting. Voting for the open warrant were Theodore Brown, Mary Genthner, Sherrie Clark, Ron Dolloff, Jane Brown and Beth Connor. Voting against that motion and for a closed warrant were Jackson, Ann Donaldson, David Benner and Sandra O’Farrell. School board Chairman Bonnie Davis Micue abstained from the vote on the open warrant.

The superintendent’s report included a discussion of several school events and a district audit. Superintendent Francis Boynton said he enjoyed the Prescott Memorial School’s production of “Androcles and the Lion.” He said Medomak Valley High School students gave very nice speeches at the recent public speaking contest. At Medomak Middle School, the parking lot was full and there was a great turnout for the display of science, math, language arts and music projects, he said.

“It was excellent work by our students,” Boynton said.

Boynton commended administrator Ann Hassett for her help with the recent audit for No Child Left Behind. The final audit is still pending, but there are three categories of results for school districts: citations, recommendations and commendations. The district received no citations. The six recommendations were minor, Boynton said, and there may be a dozen commendations.

The school board approved a field trip request for the Rivers Alternative Middle School to go to the Boston Museum of Science. The school board also approved a request for a trip to France in April 2011 for students in French classes and the 20th century European course.

“Bon voyage,” said Micue after the board approved the request.