Weatherization project

The Green Sneakers weatherization outreach date is coming up on Saturday, May 15 and we are looking for more volunteers (teen and older) to carry energy saving information to neighborhoods in Camden and Rockland. We get useful online energy efficiency training (and nice T-shirts!) and the opportunity to let people know how they can save energy and money while reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

To volunteer, for canvassing or backup support, call 236-8732 or e-mail Thanks!

Beedy Parker


Jazz benefit concert

Once again, 70 high school jazz musicians of the Midcoast used their musical talents to entertain their audience while raising significant funds for the local Meals on Wheels programs. On March 26 the Owls Head Transportation Museum rocked with the sounds of Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Tito Puentoe, Billy Joel and the Beach Boys, which were brought alive by the bands and vocalists of Belfast Area High School, Medomak Valley High School and Wiscasset High School.

And once again this was all made possible by the generous donations of a number of local businesses and individuals. Thanks go to the musicians, their schools and directors, Molly Winchenbach of Wiscasset, Peter Stuart of Medomak Valley and John Cameron of Belfast Area High School. Our poster was designed by Medomak Valley High School student Andrea Rickards with guidance from her instructor Krisanne Baker. Thanks go out to Snappy’s Pizza, Amato’s, Domino’s Pizza, Rockland Food Service, Shaw’s and Hannaford, all of Rockland, Four Corners Market and The Common Market of Union and Lincoln’s Country Store of Warren, which donated food and supplies needed to feed the students and leaders prior to the concert, and to Lowe’s Home Improvement of Thomaston for providing plants to decorate the tables. I would also like to thank the members of the MCH Inc board, Lois Stackpole Alley and her staff as well as many members of Midcoast Methodist churches for providing baked goods at the concert. Special thanks go to the Owls Head Transportation Museum staff and volunteers. The facility is an ideal location for any event of this nature and the staff and volunteers helped us from beginning to end to make the evening run smoothly.

And finally, to all those who attended the event in support of the students as well as Meals on Wheels, I thank you. I hope you had a wonderful time and that you will invite your friends and neighbors to the third annual Jazz for Meals Benefit Concert next spring. See you then!

Ann Parent


Thanks to Camden Fire Department

Rumor has it that the firefighters of Atlantic Engine Co. No. 2 at the Camden Fire Department are working themselves out of a job, the job of fighting house fires, that is. Who doesn’t want to see Knox County skew the statistics of one fire occurring every 82 seconds in the United States, or 80 percent of all fire deaths occurring in the house? Local firefighters are currently focusing on prevention of all house fires. If you want to take advantage of a free home safety inspection performed by a trained local firefighter, and a home heating check done by a professional, call 236-7950.

After reading the initial article in The Herald Gazette about these offerings, I hesitated to call. I had been a flight attendant and thought I knew just about everything regarding fires. A survivor of a major house fire and a DC-10 crash, I prided myself on having prevention measures in place at my own home, until … a firefighter conducted my survey. My three smoke alarms and CO alarm were outdated; the three extinguishers were old (one expired in 1979); my escape plan landed me on two cords of stacked wood; I had a misleading sign on my home that caused the firefighter to go to the wrong home; I had no reminders to call 911 although I admitted to having forgotten the number when fire was consuming my house; and my statement that I had “cleared all the exits” every night fell short when it was obvious that the stair clutter was permanent. But the virtual oxygen mask that deployed during emergencies — that passed inspection.

An hour into the survey, several smoke/CO alarms had been installed free of charge on each floor of my house, the old extinguishers had been replaced, my list of questions had answers, I had a list of things to do, my home heating check was pending, and I knew more about fire safety, but still not everything. I am now more aware of fire preventative measures and am so grateful I was able to take advantage of such a worthy endeavor.

House fires are devastating and can cause tremendous heartache. Let’s all try to protect ourselves, our families, our neighbors, our communities, and the wonderful firefighters by signing up to become part of this program now. The professional members of our local fire department may save more lives and homes by performing preventative work in our homes with us than by actually fighting the fires.

Ann Williams


Maine Lobster Festival speaker

Perhaps I’m a little early for a suggestion for the Maine Lobster Festival in August 2010. Ask the board members to talk over the possibility of asking Sarah Palin to be speaker at the Lobster Festival on Saturday night. It surely will draw the crowd and would be standing room only. Bright speaker and a great personality.

Gordon Wotton


Patriots Day rap

Four years ago I wrote Bush’s rap talk for Patriots Day. With Obama as rapper the talk hasn’t changed much:

Say hey Paul Revere, you still here? Man you’ve got to stop riding about trying to rouse people, leave them be! They’re watching TV, can’t hear you coming to tell them the government’s going … going … sold! When I say things are going to be all right, they’ll sit tight with me.

Oh, long ago some did show up to have a showdown with the British Empire and it finally got the boot, but now the boots are on the other foot. Far from making home stands the Empire’s boots fly to other lands, glad to be of service to me and make the world safe for rich companies.

I’m proud to say that in a big way I make the fat cats even fatter but it doesn’t matter (I’m humble too): it’s the right thing to do. Where some object to corporate booty and try to eject them, I’ll do my duty and protect them, I’ll intervene and send in the Marines!

To keep the booty coming the boots should always be handy. Isn’t it dandy that Halliburton still gets lots of loot so the Empire’s boots get supplied far and wide? I get a glow when I tell the boots to ship out and they don’t say “no,” just hush up and go.

Listen man, stop riding about spreading alarm about corporate clout and sowing doubt about the Empire could get you in trouble or in jail. You know there’s a Patriot Act? No it doesn’t mean people act as patriots it’s a law thrown together in a fit of fear so Paul Revere hush up or you’re outa’ here.

Marjorie Gallace